J’Organic Solutions Ambassador

J’Organic Solutions is looking for passionate Brand Ambassadors to help promote our brand going forward. Ambassadors are an integral part of our company, which is why we are seeking enthusiastic individuals that can advertise the J’Organic Solutions brand.

Applicants should be skilled in various aspects of digital marketing, namely building and maintaining a strong presence on social media platforms, while also contributing in various offline endeavours.

This includes advertising various J’Organic Solutions products through several social media channels, as well as being able to provide friendly and insightful responses to any customer queries regarding our brand or products.

J’Organic Solutions Ambassadors may be asked to attend future events held throughout the year, so it is important that you enjoy communicating and interacting with others.

Simply put, we want driven people that can raise brand awareness and increase sales opportunities for all J’Organic Solutions products.

Apply to be a J’Organic Solutions Ambassador Today to Take Advantage of Many Perks

Does becoming a J’Organic Solutions Ambassador appeal to you? There’s many perks to be had when joining our team, and we couldn’t be happier to reward the hard work and dedication of our brand ambassadors.

Check out some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when working as a J’Organic Solutions Ambassador:

Free Monthly Products – Who doesn’t love free beauty products? That’s exactly what each of our ambassadors can expect to find every month!

Exposure-  J’Organic Solutions will select an ambassador to be featured on commercials adds or any other advertising project.

Inside Product Knowledge – We provide each ambassador with inside product knowledge that will let you utilise our beauty products like nothing else, from handy hair tips when using our shampoos and conditioners to in-depth information on our exciting J’Organic Solutions Products!

What We Need from You

Interested in becoming a J’Organic Solutions Ambassador? We couldn’t be happier to hear this, but we understand you may have some questions about the specific roles and responsibilities that we require from you.

Product Knowledge

You will need to learn about each J’Organic Solutions beauty products, including their ingredients, what makes them so unique, why they are good for certain hairs, and any other important information regarding our range of products.

We want you to know everything about J’Organic Solutions products so you can educate potential customers about who we are and what we offer.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media presence is one of our leading marketing strategies, which is why we require a strong online presence for all brand ambassadors. This includes posting about our products and brand online via social media accounts, forums, and other digital platforms.

Attending Trade Shows

Brand ambassadors play a key role during trade shows, so we will need regular attendance for these events. You will be representing the brand at various shows, acting as a spokesperson for our company and its products.


We need you to be a friendly, approachable representative of J’Organic Solutions online and in person! Ambassadors will network with current and potential customers to build and maintain a strong relationship, as well as interacting with other beauty professionals and industry insides to spread brand awareness and generate new sales when possible.

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