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Are you struggling with your kids hair?

Taking care of a kid with a head full of curly hair can be quite challenging, and we're all wondered just how to manage it without harming our kids or causing any damage  to their hair. The trick is if you want to care and focus on your child's curly hair, you need to focus on both the products and styling you use on the hair.

When you use the right hair products for your child's hair, you can expect it to thrive. using sulfate free baby shampoos at least once or twice a week is usually advisable. Over washing tends to cause dry and brittle hair and this can dull your babies curls. When washing, always massage the scalp to promote blood circulation. Remember to make use of shampoos which are designed for babies and not for adults.(check out our Kids & Babies Products)

Moisturize and Depp Conditioner

Curly hair tends to be Drier than straight hair, and this causes the natural oils in the hair to be none existent. This is why  it is good to use the right moisturizing  shampoo formulated for children to prevent the dryness.

You should remember to condition your child's hair as this can serve as an alternative on days you do not wash. When looking for products, look out for ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Aloa Vera, Alice Oil or even Shea Butter.

If your child's hair is extremely dry, then you can deep condition once a week. Just let sit for a period of 10 minutes and rinse. Deep conditioner tends to be more effective than using conditioners.

When combing your child's hair, it is advisable to detangle with fingers first as they tend to tangle more than straight hair and just tugging at the hair not only hurts your child's scalp. Detangling makes it a lot easier to manipulate.

Use a spray detangler as it a lot better for kids and use a wide tooth comb for a better effect. Always remember that leaving in the tangle can damage you child's hair.

By following these steps taking care of your child's curly hair won't be much of a challenge.