Back in Love

Falling Back in Love With Your Natural Hair

History, the media, even legislation, have been defining for you whether your natural hair is good, bad, professional, or grounds for firing. This month and every day for that matter, J’Organic Solutions (JOS) is encouraging you to take matters into your own hands and commit to falling head over heels in love with your natural hair.Maybe for the first time, at least more than you ever have before…We know. This won’t be an overnight process. Like any relationship, you’ve got past hurts and hangups that can be hard to shake.Maybe from a young age it was drilled into you that long flowing hair was the supreme standard of beauty?Maybe you genuinely love your thick, God-given naps but struggle with detangling and daily maintenance? 

Maybe you have hair envy of so many empowered women rocking their Natural tresses but your curls just aren’t defined like that?Like any transformation of self, there are some key, actionable steps of Recovery that need to occur for you to feel whole. Maybe you know this to be true too but at JOS we believe the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 23, Verse 7 when it states "As a (wo)man thinketh in his heart, so is he". ..To help change the way you think and in return feel about your natural hair, below are some affirmations we know to be true and would like for you to know too.As a master stylist for over 20 years our Founder, Johanne Joseph, is interested in breaking down the often self-degrading salon talk and flipping it to allow the light back in..(check out our Kids & Babies Products)

How Do I Love My Natural Hair?


*Phew**Take a Deep Breath* 

 Now imagine this becoming your reality. 

 How good does it feel to be celebrating your beauty starting from the very top of your gorgeous head?

 Any mamas out there? 

 What if we instilled the sentiment of “I Love My Natural Hair!” early on into the hearts and minds of our precious youth. A pillar of J’Organic Solutions and a true conviction of the CEO Johanne Joseph, is to not only provide the next generations’ hair with chemical-free nourishment for their natural kinks & curls. But to also educate them (and their mothers,) encourage their self-esteem, and celebrate their gifts!

 And we can’t leave out the Dads...

Tools to Love your Natural Hair

 So now that you’re on the road to accepting your hair in all its Glory. We’re not about to just leave you hanging without the tools to help make the process as easy as possible. 

 Over the years we’ve formulated products with the essential ingredients to help your hair Grow & Thrive. Again, we’re all about ease here at JOS and are so over the “struggle” narrative.

Our Top Selling Collections include:

At J’Organic Solutions we believe that INGREDIENTS MATTER so all of our products are:

✖ Alcohol-FREE

✖ Paraben-FREE

✖ Sulfate-FREE 

 ✖ Chemical-FREE 

✖ Cruelty-FREE 

✖ NO GMO's

✔ All-Natural & Organic Ingredients Handmade With Care✔ Yes, HANDMADE WITH CARE!


But wait...there’s more.

In the spirit of LOVE-ing your hair and getting past what most folks feel is the biggest challenge of their natural hair journey...detangling.

We are SO EXCITED to be launching our newest gift to your hair:

Detanglement Knot Sauce 

A 5 in 1 moisturizing cream Made With Rice Milk and Haitian Castor Oil 

Formulated with the finest natural ingredients, our newest gem is rich with moisture-locking compounds that bring nourishment and thickening agents back into your starved hair.

At the same time it makes combing through any knots and tangles feel more like coasting rather than that stop, start, stall routine you’ve come to accept with other detanglers.

Did we mention all the ways you can use it?

While stopping breakage, you can use this almond vanilla smelling goodness at practically any point in your daily hair care routine.

✅ As a leave-conditioner✅ Moisturizer✅ Detangler✅ Curl defining cream✅ and twisting cream.What’s knot to fall in love with?.

What’s knot to fall in love with?.

J’Organics is committed to natural hair products with supernatural results.

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With a tender heart, 

J’Organic Solutions.