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Moringa Oil- A Miracle for dry natural hair 

Are you fed up of trying to deal with your natural hair? If you’re looking for greater moisture and better hydration for your over-stressed hair, Moringa oil could be the ideal solution. But why is it so beneficial, and what can it do for your hair and scalp health ? let's take a look.
Moringa- An Ancient Solution

Moringa Oil is produced from the cold-pressed seeds of the Moringa tree and has been use for generations to aid hair health. As an all-natural product, it's a highly effective and very safe moisturizer. Although it was commonly used thousands of years ago, it is only recently that its benefits have been recognized once more and it is now often found in luxury cosmetic products.

Why is Moringa Oil So Beneficial?

Moringa Oil is packed with a rich and complex range of nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals to ensure excellent hair and scalp health. The oil contains a very high amount of Vitamin E, C, B and A to promote improved blood circulation as well as healthier hair follicles. The nutrients contained in the oil get to work as soon as the oil is applied to the scalp and hair for speedy and visible results.
Moisturizing the Scalp

Moringa Oil is well known for its moisturizing properties. Thanks to the Omega-3 fatty acids that it contains, it can improve the health of the hair while the sulfur content aids the body in producing more natural keratin and collagen so that the scalp skin cells can naturally grow and be repaired more effectively.

Eliminating Split Ends & Dandruff

One of the reasons why Moringa Oil is becoming such a popular choice as a conditioner or moisturizer for natural hair is because it can prevent and treat dandruff while also eradicating the all too common problem of split ends. Even many of the most expensive shampoos and conditioners leave the scalp very dry, and products which have been designed specifically to prevent dandruff often leave your hair frizzy, brittle, unmanageable and prone too breakage. Moringa Oil, on the other hand, can naturally guard against those unsightly.

The Lotus Effect

There have been recent studies which have revealed that Moringa Oil is capable of providing something known as the Lotus effect for hair whenever it is used on a regular basis. The Lotus effect refers to a product's ability through its own natural properties to keep bacteria, grime and dirt from becoming absorbed into the hair. Since these unwanted contaminants aren't absorbed into the hair, they can be quickly and easily washed away when you shower or bathe, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthier every time you wash it.