High Quality Satin Bonnet


Invest in your kid’s and your hair protection with J’Organic Solutions High Quality Bonnet. Our Bonnet are made of high grade satin material meant to last the test of time and many nights of blissful sleep. Our double layers offer durability and eliminates seep through of hair product, and/or damp hair onto pillowcases and furniture. Your new favorite bonnet gives you versatility with 2 reversible sides. (quality satin on both sides) Black on one side and a beautiful, deep purple for a nice and easy variety.

High Quality allows for comfort and flexibility for almost any head size or any hair style. This bonnet can also be easily adjusted with either the stretch of the satin lined edge to widen or by the pull of the string to tighten to your comfort level.




  • J’Organic Solutions Bonnet is perfect for those looking for easy maintenance for hair and your style. Promotes hair growth and health. Whether washing face, applying makeup, or in the shower, this is the perfect cap to be used daily and will be a staple in your beauty regiment.
  • HIGH GRADE SATIN MATERIAL for THICKER, HEALTHIER HAIR – HandMade with the highest quality of satin fabric (85gsm,50*75D) Protect your hair and maintain your hairstyles. Maintain moisture, Protect curls from breakage, maintain styles for longer periods of time.
  • DOUBLE-LAYERED and REVERSIBLE for DURABILITY and VERSATILITY: Light on the head, and the the perfect accessory for oil treatments, deep conditionings and rollers
  • ADULT LARGE SIZE to FIT ALMOST ANY SIZE HEAD OR LENGTH, THICKNESS OF HAIR AND KIDS SIZE- Great for holding natural hair, braids, weaves, rollers, hair clamps, long hair, and up-dos. Should be a perfect fit.
  • Machine washable on delicate cycle and hang dry. Made Specifically For: Kids and Adult Long Hair Thick Hair Natural Hair Up-Dos Braids/Locs/Twists Roller Sets Clips or Pins